west texas gas company

4000 pine street
abilene, tx 79604
(325) 673-3766

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drunk drivers
Mar 25 2013 4:31pm
on march 23 2013 1115am.I observed driver of trk#9117 purchasing bottles of crown royal at Pinkies on hwy80.He then proceeded.to drive off in trk#9117.I am also a hazmat driver and am appalled that when my wife called the company she felt that it fell on Deaf ears.I however am considering contacting Texas DPS.Beware of WTG trucks .You don't know whos behind the wheel !

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Lastest Reviews
May 21 2015 3:25pm
This establishment is run by dishonest people who do not know the meaning of honesty. Service is not friendly untidy store etc.... read more

May 21 2015 9:18am
A very well mannered young man Joseph I am a frequent customer and he is very helpful and always very kind... read more

May 20 2015 11:15am
Do not use the ATM at this location. It declines your card and takes the money out of your account. The store MGR is very rude.... read more

May 19 2015 3:04pm
Lost keys they where not helpful and they did not say sorry and they where rude ... read more

May 18 2015 8:40pm
Clerk refused my 4yr old to use potty because my 9 month old didn't have shoes on. My baby, who couldn't walk and was... read more

May 18 2015 8:37pm
Clerk refused my 4yr old to use potty because my 9 month old didn't have shoes on. My baby, who couldn't walk and was... read more

May 18 2015 12:10am
I love this station it I have been going there ever since it was opened and is 4 blocks from me. Well tonite I arrived went into... read more

May 17 2015 1:18pm
Bought $55 worth of gas on 05/16/15 using credit card. Next day received notice my credit was being used all over the US, from... read more

May 15 2015 6:28pm
on may 15,2015 purchased cigs and 2 miller 32oz for 3.00. total for beer came to 4.27, when I brought this to clerks attention ... read more

May 11 2015 7:03pm
Purchased V-Power gas on May 4, 2015 and around 50 miles after leaving station the "Check Engine" light came on. I... read more

May 11 2015 1:17am
this guy pete is a pos theif charged for work he did do over a few hundred dollars worth of work. he thought i didn't know... read more

May 9 2015 1:07pm
May 5th 2015, looks like a few new employees who can't add or
don't offer a bag for items unless their asked to. I was... read more

May 7 2015 5:19pm
bad gas, there is somthing wrong with there gas, costing many people money... read more

May 6 2015 3:51pm
i want to apply for a job
... read more

May 5 2015 9:58pm
The manager there was VERY RUDE. DO NOT GO THERE! I got yelled at by the manager at this Sunaco gas station for using their trash... read more

May 3 2015 6:11pm
today i went to the shell to make a purchase, when i returned to my car my window was busted and my purse was stolen. Be careful,... read more

May 3 2015 3:31pm
if the pump clicks off at $19.75 they will ask for $20 they never give you the right amount of gas for the money you give them... read more

May 2 2015 11:41pm
I gave the gas attendant a hundred after getting fourth dollars worth of gas. Candy Caine (manager) told him not to give me my... read more

May 2 2015 11:20am
Shop there all the time. Great service.... read more

May 1 2015 6:03pm
This place is a whole new place now! They have remodeled and have all new wonderful employees willing to help and smile! Its so... read more

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