1448 dobys bridge rd
fort mill, sc 29715
(803) 547-5077

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Type Price Thanks to Last Update Update
Regular $3.389 erusisinlehs 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.539 chrisgqove 30+ d ago
Premium $3.539 chrisgqove 30+ d ago
Diesel $3.739 csuascxnnfa 30+ d ago

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Lastest Reviews
Oct 13 2015 8:13am
The attendant is not honest, he was denied to tell you, your card was decline, but the statement post two transaction, each... read more

Oct 13 2015 8:09am
Hi guys, the station's attendant is not honest servicing, note: using your credit card in there. The attendant talks you,... read more

Oct 13 2015 3:43am
yes they would. she did she correct thing and you should commend her.... read more

Oct 10 2015 6:01am
I am 44 years old and I went to buy beer and cigarettes. I didn't have my license on me so the girl wouldn't sell me... read more

Oct 9 2015 4:29pm
The best way to lose money is to leave your store in charge of an imbalanced employee. Imagine our surprise today when we pulled... read more

Oct 7 2015 3:31pm
People like you give Shell a bad name! I hope you can rest at night knowing you did nothing to help innocent animals from... read more

Oct 6 2015 10:56am
This is probably the worst place I have ever been to get food. They always take to long and it is never what I ordered. ... read more

Oct 4 2015 8:52pm
Your business sucks by having cars towed during a state of emergency and 100 year flooding.. people were trying to save lives but... read more

Sep 29 2015 6:20am
This station needs to be shut down, they charged our bank acct $100.00 and my husband didn't get any gas!!!!!!.... read more

Sep 28 2015 8:12pm
Had an almost flat tire Sunday morning..called this station, and was told to come right over. Was treated very nicely on the... read more

Sep 26 2015 3:27pm
I agree with the above. They aren't dishonest, BUT when I spend $7.10 for gas in my motorcycle and they authorize $75 on my... read more

Sep 25 2015 9:06pm
I have been to this store several imes within the past and it has been closed before midnight. On September 25th I went to the... read more

Sep 19 2015 7:20pm
The assistant manager, Christine, had a woman kicked out of the place because she was talking to her about a guy was coming in... read more

Sep 17 2015 1:33pm
This is no longer a gas station but a ARC thrift store. This address association with a milk store / gas station needs to be... read more

Sep 15 2015 10:02am
I am a regular customer at Riches. Go there all the time for gas and other stuff. Today I went to Riches for 2 cans of sprite.... read more

Sep 10 2015 7:09pm
The skinny dirty white man is very rude and disrespectful and needs fired. ... read more

Sep 9 2015 10:31am
Kevin and crew are amazing - they are knights in shining armor, i will forever trust my car to them. ... read more

Sep 7 2015 6:19pm
This business is a haven for criminals since law abiding citizens will obey their rules and leave their guns on the road and... read more

Sep 6 2015 2:35pm
Nico,at the Meijer store in fort Wayne resolved my gas station pump problem to my satisfaction.He was terrific.Thank you so very... read more

Sep 6 2015 10:46am
filled up my suzuki car on 9-5-15 at illinois station,like i often do,put nozzle in car,standing right over it to listen to... read more

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