26 e 12th st
erie, pa 16501
(814) 456-7647

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Regular $3.499 georgialawyon 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.499 ibrahim 30+ d ago
Premium $3.639 georgialawyon 30+ d ago
Diesel $3.999 georgialawyon 30+ d ago

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Lastest Reviews
Oct 16 2018 11:00am
Food good, service good. Theres a dead hooker in the john which just adds to the aesthetic. Thanks for a lovely meal.
... read more

Oct 16 2018 8:34am
clouse it down, sale it, leave the state you have no respect for people and the People will have no respect for you Donna Crosby.... read more

Oct 15 2018 7:10pm
You are just as cold hearted as that Donna is! How do y'all sleep at night. Mr Evans has been this way for SEVEN! If he or... read more

Oct 15 2018 5:48pm
This is the filthiest place I've seen and I've been on the road for 29 years. There were two rats scampering around... read more

Oct 15 2018 1:15pm
I'm turning a copy of the Facebook post over to a lawyer friend who is very sensitive to the discrimination of our veterans.... read more

Oct 14 2018 5:27pm
Here is a copy of the OWNERS... read more

Oct 14 2018 7:57am
Discriminating against a cancer survivor REALLY!. BLACKLISTED!... read more

Oct 14 2018 4:24am
SHAME on you hope karma bites you in the ass for the way you have treated this man!!!... read more

Oct 13 2018 8:44pm
No morals.... read more

Oct 13 2018 6:32pm
Shame on you Donna Crosby. Karma is a bitch and it will come back on you. This poor man deserves to be treated just like... read more

Oct 13 2018 2:38pm
you are the worst bitchI ever heard of... read more

Oct 13 2018 2:12pm
What a lousy human being you are. I hope karma is just as kind to you! I for one will not go there again unless that woman is... read more

Oct 13 2018 12:14pm
I have this strong feeling that your business has been targeted by someone looking to set up a "Go Fund Me" page. I... read more

Oct 13 2018 11:49am
there is NO humanity from the store employee, owner and the people %u2018running out%u2019. STOP to THINK outside... read more

Oct 13 2018 5:35am
Ms. Crosby will spend eternity in hell. It will likely be better than her remaining time on earth.

Karma%u2019s a b1tch.... read more

Oct 13 2018 3:50am
If this incident really occurred, it is to tragic to believe that who has suffered painful disfigurement should be treated to... read more

Oct 12 2018 7:09pm
Shame is the word for the treatment of a man who has went thru a lot of pain in his life ! He is a good man who just wanted to... read more

Oct 12 2018 6:51pm
I read about the manager of this restaurant and how she treated the gentleman who was a cancer survivor with damage to his face. ... read more

Oct 12 2018 3:37pm
Sick. I will do what ever I can to make sure this place goes down. Every time I do a radio show, or on stage, I WILL mention this... read more

Oct 12 2018 3:23pm
So.... you feel wrongfully accused, yet you volunteer nothing in defense of your actions?
If a couple folks decide to leave,... read more

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