3631 s keystone ave
indianapolis, in 46227
(317) 784-4425

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Regular $3.359 prinfzertant 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.459 prinfzertant 30+ d ago
Premium $3.559 prinfzertant 30+ d ago
Diesel $3.799 prinfzertant 30+ d ago

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ms. hinton
Deplorable Customer Service
Jan 10 2017 9:24am
The customer service at this location is deplorable. The "store manager" Jessica, is COMPLETELY disrespectful and has shown this on multiple occasions. Iliterally had to refund my money, and drove to work in tears from the way I was treated by her and her employee, while other customers just watched. I refuse to ever spend my money at this location ever again. The entire interaction from beginning to end of transcation was horrible. If the video from inside the store could be shown, you would'nt even need the sound to be able to tell how rude she was being. Laying my change and ID on the counter, after I politely handed it to her. Then proceeding to walk away, laughing under her breathe. She went to the back room, ignoring my request to speak with her. All she kept saying was she is the store manager and speaking under her breathe while laughing. I work in customer service, and this is completely unacceptable! especially for the person Speedway gave authority to run an entire store! I have never felt so disrespected and embarrassed in my entire life. I am waiting on contact from the district manager. After that, I'll be calling the corporate office. Jessica does not deserve a management position, or to be in customer service at all! Speedway has lost a very loyal customer today. & I am letting everyone know NEVER to visit this location.

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Lastest Reviews
Mar 18 2018 1:46pm
Luckily we read about this place. Still charging $5.99 when station down road near Publix is 2.39. AVOID.... read more

Mar 16 2018 7:44pm
I bought $29.17 worth of gas on my credit card and just checked my statement at home...The charge showed as $75.00 and I am... read more

Mar 9 2018 7:16am
stay away from this location credit cards numbers are being stolen and used at different locations... read more

Mar 7 2018 11:20am
If you happen to go to this store-especially after dark, be on the lookout for at least one beggar outside the store and... read more

Mar 6 2018 8:08am
Bought gas at this station (2574 Ross Clark Liberty) on Sunday Mar 4. This station is normally unmanned and you serve yourself at... read more

Feb 16 2018 8:32am
I was double billed for gas make sure check your account
Workers need to ask for your thorton card first not afterwards ... read more

Feb 3 2018 9:41pm
the cashier was slow waiting on me, when I told him to harry up. He come from behind the counter and refused to wait on me.
That... read more

Feb 2 2018 12:31pm
Very convenient and very nice.... read more

Jan 13 2018 2:19pm
I was declined credit/debit o 1,/9/18 and Bank has proof the funds were taken out. I have paperwork from the bank and More I... read more

Jan 8 2018 9:59am
Wonderful locally owned station. Gabriel is hard-working, cheerful and helpful. ... read more

Jan 6 2018 5:05pm
Hello, This is a Shell Gas / Diesel Truck stop and is open 24/7... read more

Jan 5 2018 3:58am
For the last several months this location ha gone down hill. You can tell their is new staff. The store is dirty and the workers... read more

Jan 3 2018 2:38pm
Recent frigid temperatures have got low pressure in all of my tires. Corey not only offered to show me how to use your new... read more

Dec 21 2017 2:12pm
Janelle Ross owner of the Crossroads in Springer so she says, called the police on my son and I because we were fixing a water... read more

Dec 14 2017 1:16am
Had containers of fresh bakery behind counter but refused to put
them in display case so I could buy some even tho I was... read more

Dec 5 2017 10:26am
Got $20 in gas on Saturday when my car was on E. Immediately after getting on the freeway my new Cadillac went crazy. Dash lights... read more

Dec 1 2017 4:19pm
Come in and check our tasty grab and go breakfast a cup of hot coffee and a fresh baked doughnut. Or stop in for our delicious... read more

Nov 29 2017 6:01pm
Hello, Exxon at this location has closed. This is a new service station. So, if you are looking for Exxon at knight Arnold and... read more

Nov 29 2017 11:59am
The distric manager
Ashley Trimble will not return call
The matter is of great importance and I have left several
I... read more

Nov 19 2017 7:22am
I Will be getting my gas in walker from now on , the voucher was the only reason I used this station,, now we can only use 1 gas... read more

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