198 cambridge st
burlington, ma 01803
(781) 238-0754

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Regular $3.499 evampadaw 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.579 illivecore 30+ d ago
Premium $3.679 vassissgby 30+ d ago
Diesel $3.909 evampadaw 30+ d ago

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Debit Card Customer
Extra $90 charge???
Nov 24 2014 8:03pm
I foolishly did a debit transaction using my pin here at 5:13 11/24/14.
The gas I pumped was $40.00 exact. I printed my receipt and off I went. When I arrived home I received an email on my phone, an alert from my bank notifying I had a signature transaction of $90. This on top of my confirmed $40.00 purchase, same station within a minute of my actual $40 pump. I immediately called my bank and returned to that station. The attendant told me that the pump does that on its own and returns the extra charge when your debit clears. I will never do a debit transaction at this immoral spot. I notified the police and Will call the manager tomorrow. Can this be real? Talk about a scam job. I think this whole thing stinks like crap. I will run out of gas rather than pump gas at that station. This attendant better not be pulling a fast one.

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Lastest Reviews
Aug 30 2015 12:47pm

Aug 27 2015 2:12pm
stop to get gas a few days ago, the attandee Halie started pumping the gas, then ran off with the inside person. gone about 3... read more

Aug 25 2015 11:04am
This Gas station at 757 central park ave (Ali's Getty) now its Ali's BP
has the best prices on gas in all of Yonkers... read more

Aug 22 2015 6:10pm
Hey there. I'm moving back to Camas in late October of this year. I wanted to apply for the graveyard shift. Is there an... read more

Aug 22 2015 9:39am
When ever I had work done on my cars, or had inspections preformed, Izzy made every effort to make a time schedule that was... read more

Aug 18 2015 9:48am
The store was great and looked well with the change. The gas prices were decent as well. However my complaint would be the... read more

Aug 17 2015 10:49am
Do you have CNG Natural Gas
I have Honda Civic ( CNG )
I need Fuel Please Give me a call 703) 590-8989 Scott
Thank you... read more

Aug 16 2015 11:20am
Black guy changing oil left cap off and was real rude..Never again...... read more

Aug 16 2015 6:37am
I travel a lot and gas up my car at least 2x daily. It's so wonderful to enter a store and find it clean and your employee... read more

Aug 12 2015 4:28pm
Station should stay open later than 10:00.... read more

Aug 8 2015 4:39am
Do not buy any refreshments from this station. When it was brought to the attention of the attendants on duty that their milk... read more

Aug 7 2015 2:48pm
I stopped by to get my fill up today. Price for cash was $2.09 a gallon. It charged me $2.00 a gal with my 15 cents off with my... read more

Aug 7 2015 1:43pm
I have a new Honda Civic and I have been keeping track of how many miles I have left to drive in comparison to what I pay there... read more

Aug 7 2015 11:53am
Overall, Sonny' Shell is great. Beyond compare is their fast food service. Tasty and reasonably priced. My favorite is... read more

Aug 6 2015 9:29am
who owns 5700 sky point drive las vegas nevada 89130... read more

Aug 5 2015 9:22am
I purchased 12.50 worth of diesel fuel on saturday 08-01-15 and put it in my off road tracktor and it ran for about 20 min. And... read more

Aug 4 2015 12:32pm
I got gas the other day & was charged $56 for a $15 credut transaction. When i called the store i was told i needed to talk... read more

Aug 2 2015 12:23pm
No public restrooms. Advertised price on billboard was $2.99/gallon, while the actual price at the pump was $3.08/gallon. Prepaid... read more

Aug 2 2015 9:03am
Unfortunately I was there this morning as a storm was approaching. I was in a huge hurry and never looked at the PPG. What a... read more

Jul 31 2015 1:34pm
there was this Hispanic lady she was like 30 years or so she had black hair, she was so disrespectful and she wouldn't stop... read more

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