198 cambridge st
burlington, ma 01803
(781) 238-0754

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Regular $3.499 evampadaw 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.579 illivecore 30+ d ago
Premium $3.679 vassissgby 30+ d ago
Diesel $3.909 evampadaw 30+ d ago

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Debit Card Customer
Extra $90 charge???
Nov 24 2014 8:03pm
I foolishly did a debit transaction using my pin here at 5:13 11/24/14.
The gas I pumped was $40.00 exact. I printed my receipt and off I went. When I arrived home I received an email on my phone, an alert from my bank notifying I had a signature transaction of $90. This on top of my confirmed $40.00 purchase, same station within a minute of my actual $40 pump. I immediately called my bank and returned to that station. The attendant told me that the pump does that on its own and returns the extra charge when your debit clears. I will never do a debit transaction at this immoral spot. I notified the police and Will call the manager tomorrow. Can this be real? Talk about a scam job. I think this whole thing stinks like crap. I will run out of gas rather than pump gas at that station. This attendant better not be pulling a fast one.

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Lastest Reviews
Jul 31 2015 1:34pm
there was this Hispanic lady she was like 30 years or so she had black hair, she was so disrespectful and she wouldn't stop... read more

Jul 31 2015 9:50am

Getty 666 Saw Mill River Rd Dunbar St Yonkers, NY 10710

I have gotten gas at this location for 10 years and so has everyone in... read more

Jul 30 2015 12:38pm
Avoid this place- used to be pleasant and quick service.
Now the attendant is RUDE and couldn't care less about u if you... read more

Jul 30 2015 5:02am
The cashier is very rude and arrogant. Horrible customer service please avoid this place.... read more

Jul 23 2015 3:13pm
Everyone in the store was extremely nice and the price of gas was comparable (a penny cheaper actually) to gas stations near by.... read more

Jul 22 2015 11:26am
Did you know when she was the manager of the store she set up the robbery and she is the one who robbed the store do ur research... read more

Jul 21 2015 2:41pm
There is a girl named cladia Miranda she had oral sex with workers in the coolers ... read more

Jul 20 2015 10:03am
This gas station is the best and has the lowest gas prices anywhere with the Winn Dixie card discount. With my points I filled up... read more

Jul 17 2015 6:08pm
Can you imagine I bought gas from this gas station on 71 Virgina Road on Friday morning 7/17/15 at approximately 8:45am. I paid... read more

Jul 16 2015 6:10pm
in my travels from pa to n.c. I lost my wallet i called patsy answered at this location said she had the wallet and would... read more

Jul 15 2015 4:00pm
Boycott as word spreading they will not serve military! ... read more

Jul 15 2015 9:45am
Dirty place, no soap, pervs work here. Male employee walks in and tries to open stall door on me (female) after complaining... read more

Jul 14 2015 12:42pm
Please do not give these people your business. They are rude and if you aren't the same race as the attendants, you will be... read more

Jul 8 2015 2:47pm
Don't go here. Crappy auto repair work. Brought truck to them to get engine fixed but started running bad again a couple... read more

Jul 5 2015 2:04pm
I went to Raceway today, I gave the cashier $35 for gas and then I requested $2 in quarters to use the vacuum. The cashier said... read more

Jul 1 2015 6:02am
Congratulations to the 2 ladies that saved a mans life they deserve a raise. Two great employees that went above and beyond the... read more

Jun 30 2015 5:25pm
I used to live in gardner and there was a rose' in the refrigerator. Was that wine called aste' spumonte? or what? ... read more

Jun 29 2015 8:14am
The attendant cursed at my wife and was dropping f bombs. I had 3 cars to fill up. I drive over 30K miles a year on one car. ... read more

Jun 27 2015 12:05pm
Passing thru Troy and topped off my tank with $25 in gas. They took $75 from my account. I paid at pump. DON'T BUY GAS FROM... read more

Jun 26 2015 7:18am
The prices run higher than other stations and they are so cheap they even removed the garbage cans outside and never have... read more

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