moe's corner #193487

831 n wood river ave
wood river, il 62095
(618) 254-1214

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Regular $3.599 kellyshmons 30+ d ago
Mid-grade N/A 30+ d ago
Premium $3.699 jefd4 30+ d ago
Diesel $3.899 kellyshmons 30+ d ago

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Lastest Reviews
Jan 31 2015 9:22am
yesterday i stooped at your station for gas. i always prepay, so i went inside to do so. at the time i had seven dollars in... read more

Jan 31 2015 8:16am
Avoid at all cost for propane refills. They charge 24.95 (full refill no matter what) however not a full refill is done. I have... read more

Jan 28 2015 11:56am
The phone number above listed for the Hess Station in Franklin, NJ is incorrect... read more

Jan 27 2015 10:44pm
... read more

Jan 26 2015 10:57am
Ripoof stay away from this gas station they are unlawfully robbing people's hard own money with theses ridiculous prices my... read more

Jan 25 2015 4:52pm
Worst gas station ever. Pumps always broken. Moron employees... read more

Jan 24 2015 9:06pm
my son went in for gas. used a cc. the pump said $38. the card was charged $75. apparently this occurs often. will be calling... read more

Jan 24 2015 9:01pm
my son went in for gas. the pump read $38. checked my credit card account and found charge of $75. apparently we are not the... read more

Jan 23 2015 3:10pm
this place have the worst customer service ever, no greeting , very rude and they ignore you they keep you standing for long time... read more

Jan 22 2015 4:38pm
The guys that was working was disrespectful towards women.they was watching movies and drinking on the job.found out a sex... read more

Jan 21 2015 11:58am
Last night a few minutes before 10:00pm, my 19yr old daughter was pumping gas and they turned out all the lights on her. She was... read more

Jan 20 2015 5:10pm
Very poor customer service. The cashiers are rude! They act like helping customers is a inconvenience. I over heard one employee... read more

Jan 17 2015 12:25pm
I walked in this station for 15 years 7 days a week , 2 PACKS of cigs, red bull and gas once a wk . went in there today around... read more

Jan 16 2015 10:12pm
I dont have any problems with this station, gas is cheap, service is quick.... read more

Jan 16 2015 6:54am

Jan 15 2015 4:27pm
On 01-13-15 I purchased gas at this station. I realized too late that the pump was not working properly. The attendant on duty... read more

Jan 15 2015 10:18am
Today I stopped in to get a sandwich and when I got to work and started eating it there was a WORM of some sort in it, I have a... read more

Jan 12 2015 7:26am
Hi ,this is a friendly ,email ,to the Morning Station attendee Mrs.Dianne .
... read more

Jan 11 2015 2:53pm
Misogynist clerk/owner was extremely rude to my wife. Pay at the pump has been disabled. We won't be back. We don't... read more

Jan 11 2015 1:35pm
I went in there today to buy something. There was a girl named Beth working there. She was very rude to every customer it... read more

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