marathon ashland

2245 n lewis ave
waukegan, il 60087

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Regular $3.399 jyxsbqb 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $2.829 ohmygasers 30+ d ago
Premium $3.659 aviolaserv 30+ d ago
Diesel N/A 30+ d ago

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Lastest Reviews
Aug 14 2019 10:18am
went to the station 9 or 10 minutes before they closed. went in handed the clerk 60.00 and told him i wanted to fill up. he took... read more

Aug 13 2019 11:50am
Please give me a call 678-849-5410.

Tina Miller... read more

Aug 6 2019 10:12am
Why not take that Grass-

1-Use some 1 Gal of Weed and Grass Killer and Kill it- Wait a few days till all Brown & Dad Grass... read more

Aug 6 2019 10:02am
Your Adult- 20 Yrs old Son Doesn't have a Credit Card? Why Not?
If too Poor? Then Please Leave Wi., we have enough Poor... read more

Aug 2 2019 4:43pm
Wow what a great store! Always clean and the people are always friendly! Great food to.... read more

Jul 27 2019 4:08pm
The weeds and grass has not been cut. Looks like heck, why would a company leave their property go. People of Reynolds Corners... read more

Jul 27 2019 10:43am
Cook brought chicken, then moved chicken and potato wedges around with her hands without gloves on. ... read more

Jul 13 2019 5:11am
This store never opens on time..always late store hours should be 745am open... read more

Jul 11 2019 8:42am
always the most expensive gas price... read more

Jul 4 2019 6:08pm
These cars are transported in a inclosed trailers.... read more

Jul 4 2019 6:05pm
By the way the cars in their online add. No one with these cars would ever put this gas in or let pumped by a stranger
The motor... read more

Jul 4 2019 4:32pm
This to my earlier review. I was in a taxi. The driver and myself were splattered with gas. The side door of was open and... read more

Jul 4 2019 3:25pm
A untrained fuel attendee was to put five gallons into a gas can. Spilt half of it on the can and ground charged me for all.... read more

Jun 29 2019 3:45pm
They charged for beer i didnt get. And charged me 16.99 for it. I tried to call your number but it gos thru to a fax machine. I... read more

Jun 27 2019 7:03am
Brand new , clean and good prices ... read more

Jun 26 2019 7:19pm
Boycott this station because my son stopped there topurchase a small amount of gas so he could drive the 8 miles to my house so I... read more

Jun 25 2019 4:42pm
I have been a customer for more than 20 years. I enjoy the earning a free car was after filling a yellow card, with punches. If... read more

Jun 3 2019 2:19pm
Can you please see if my bumper with my plate #on it, in the car wash ... read more

May 24 2019 12:02pm
i am hard working loyal my skills are excellent interpersonal skills knowledge of cleaning and maintenance protocol attention to... read more

May 13 2019 5:12am
stay away for this place. they charge $1 more pre gallon that else where... read more

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