2536 marietta hwy
dallas, ga 30157
(770) 505-9977

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Regular $3.459 lindabeward 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.499 amelabrberoic 30+ d ago
Premium $3.799 lindabeward 30+ d ago
Diesel N/A 30+ d ago

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Lastest Reviews
Jul 1 2015 6:02am
Congratulations to the 2 ladies that saved a mans life they deserve a raise. Two great employees that went above and beyond the... read more

Jun 30 2015 5:25pm
I used to live in gardner and there was a rose' in the refrigerator. Was that wine called aste' spumonte? or what? ... read more

Jun 29 2015 8:14am
The attendant cursed at my wife and was dropping f bombs. I had 3 cars to fill up. I drive over 30K miles a year on one car. ... read more

Jun 27 2015 12:05pm
Passing thru Troy and topped off my tank with $25 in gas. They took $75 from my account. I paid at pump. DON'T BUY GAS FROM... read more

Jun 26 2015 7:18am
The prices run higher than other stations and they are so cheap they even removed the garbage cans outside and never have... read more

Jun 21 2015 6:44am
I had a guest visiting from out of town that purchased gas there and after noticing the car wash door opened also purchased a car... read more

Jun 19 2015 2:13am
How did i get diesel fuel in my gas somebody screwed up var smokes like hell wont go up hills thanks ... read more

Jun 17 2015 4:02pm
Bill H.06/17/2015Edit
The scumbucket and meth head on duty would not allow me to use the restroom unless I bought something. I... read more

Jun 15 2015 11:55pm
Stopped for fast drinks. We used to stop here for years when Salem and Karen owned it. It was fun!! I/we think the big Blonde we... read more

Jun 14 2015 7:53pm
This is a great place where you will receive outstanding customer service. They have better priced grocery items compared to most... read more

Jun 12 2015 7:26am
Please, please don't go to this gas station. The attendants allow drug dealers to be on the premises. It is very unsafe. The... read more

Jun 10 2015 9:11pm
Hello, my name is Mr. Singh I am the owner of this gas station and would like to know about your experience at the store and I... read more

Jun 8 2015 5:43pm
The owners of this gas station took $15 from my debit card, then refused to give me gas.
They should be reported. I wonder how... read more

Jun 8 2015 1:42am
Stop here quite often. Gas is price as everywhere else but the service is great and the cigs are cheapest I've found. The... read more

Jun 7 2015 3:00pm
Went yesterday 6/6/2015 to get gas and some beer. Walked in and said "OH...are yall going out of business" Clerk said... read more

Jun 7 2015 7:56am
Older short man is rude. I go to wawa now
... read more

Jun 4 2015 9:02pm
Awesome environment, nice people work in the store ... read more

Jun 4 2015 8:58pm
Great service and prices for everything great customer service... read more

Jun 3 2015 7:51pm
Good prices and good customer service in this gasstation.all staffs great... read more

Jun 3 2015 11:49am
the gas pump indicated 13.124 gallons put into a 13 gallon tank that still had just under a gallon of gas in it. I took the... read more

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