928 lawn ave
sellersville, pa 18960
(215) 257-5813

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Type Price Thanks to Last Update Update
Regular $3.899 ohmygasers 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.649 viagorcicky 30+ d ago
Premium $3.779 qhyepahsoate 30+ d ago
Diesel N/A 30+ d ago

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Lastest Reviews
Oct 21 2014 2:41pm
Went in their Saturday Oct 18, 2014. Cashier told me at the counter if I paid with my gas would be as advertise, $2.79 a gallon.... read more

Oct 21 2014 12:36pm
that bad exxon to go to it not safe to be there even with the bad lady there she mean to every nody I just what let the manger... read more

Oct 21 2014 7:10am
I brought a pruse there long time ago and paid for it in cash there was a mean lady there she whated my pruse and she keep it and... read more

Oct 20 2014 7:19pm
Its not that bad. They are nice owners.they can not choose who comes to shop. The area also is not so bad.... read more

Oct 20 2014 3:00pm
I had my car inspected at the shell station and because I didn't have the repairs completed there they charged me an... read more

Oct 20 2014 2:51pm
The manager here is a real piece of work. They are affiliated with the shell station on Joppa rd at satyr shopping center. I... read more

Oct 20 2014 1:47pm
This 7-Eleven is in the process of closing down. Everything in the store except tobacco is marked 50% off and shelves are getting... read more

Oct 20 2014 12:11pm
this exxon is bad place to be I didn't get my pruse back that I paid for in cash I what my money back plase... read more

Oct 20 2014 12:11pm
I filled my Visa gift card at ths register this morning only for the attendant to tell me my card declined. I knew that it wasnt... read more

Oct 20 2014 10:29am
Excellent... read more

Oct 19 2014 8:53pm
im glad thet you closed down my dad and were never stop there it a bad exxon to go to I just let the manger know that I... read more

Oct 19 2014 8:30pm
I wish I could give less than one star!! this was the first time I ever stop this gas station the gas was $2.98 a gallon I... read more

Oct 19 2014 7:32am
closed over 5 years ago, now one of 5 nearby used car lots... read more

Oct 18 2014 5:13am
I fail to see how this is a real business.... read more

Oct 18 2014 5:12am
Service was okay until the racism started. ... read more

Oct 18 2014 4:59am
Called me A bitch repeatedly... read more

Oct 18 2014 4:57am
I walked in and bought something around 4 am. I walked out of the door and the patron started calling me bitch as soon as I... read more

Oct 17 2014 8:08pm
Service is absolutely awesome!... read more

Oct 17 2014 2:48pm
why are you so mean to every body you hant people do you stop been so angry and mean and sayen mean things. i brought a pruse... read more

Oct 17 2014 7:41am
I hope you read this messages i what the pruse back i paid in cash that was long time ago. my grandma sorry to make you angry im... read more

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