flash foods #258

1736 south ga pkwy w
waycross, ga 31503
(912) 285-4011

0 ratings
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Type Price Thanks to Last Update Update
Regular $3.479 simshib 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.529 danyelwllce 30+ d ago
Premium $3.719 danyelwllce 30+ d ago
Diesel $3.859 alotrocb 30+ d ago

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Lastest Reviews
Dec 18 2014 3:43pm
Gas prices throughout the city are as low as $3.09 (Regular, Credit), yet this station's pricing is as high as $3.79... read more

Dec 17 2014 11:16am
This gas station is the best gas station around literally I drive out of my way just to fill up. The pumps are always clean and... read more

Dec 16 2014 11:17am
I don't even wanna give them one star they are crooks!!!! The price was 2.97 for regular I asked for regular he charged me... read more

Dec 16 2014 6:28am
I consider myself a permanent resident of the most beautiful and friendliest town in all of California, and I can't think of... read more

Dec 15 2014 12:42pm
I went into this gas station at 12PM to fill up and noticed that the pump price was charging $3.63 rather than 2.63 that they had... read more

Dec 13 2014 7:47am
Hey that was a great picture of my dad in Rome alambla ... read more

Dec 12 2014 3:39pm
Went in at 6:30pm to get a Hunts Bros pizza. They told me 'no'. No explanation, no nothing. I've gone in before at... read more

Dec 12 2014 1:29am
The employees at this shell on Elliott ave in Seattle couldn't even figure out how to put $10 on a pump outside, and when I... read more

Dec 10 2014 6:47pm
The manager is the rudest person I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with, when I asked him for the owners number to... read more

Dec 4 2014 5:31pm
What is the stores number?... read more

Dec 4 2014 4:16pm
they cant speak english good enough to deal with custermers... read more

Dec 3 2014 8:18pm
I go to this BP every day, and there is always people complaining about their job and I understand why. The owner of this BP is... read more

Dec 2 2014 3:19am
You've got to be kidding! You want a 25 gift card for a 12 oz cup of coffee? I'm from NY too by way of NY not Texas... read more

Dec 1 2014 7:27pm
Very rude cashier working there now. you know that younger smaller kinda dark skinned lady! ... read more

Dec 1 2014 6:45am
Best in the business.... read more

Dec 1 2014 6:44am
Fantastic Service and inspection. Shop with satisfaction.... read more

Dec 1 2014 6:40am
Mike is a idiot. I get inspection and other services from this exxon station. Mike is a has another gas station so he trashes... read more

Nov 29 2014 7:44pm
They charge you more than a dollar more post gallon than average price and deliberately hide their price with dim lighting ... read more

Nov 28 2014 6:42pm
Employees are rude and even if the prices are less, I would rather pat the difference than to look at those rude cashers. The... read more

Nov 28 2014 6:35pm
Employee Kathy Marsh is a meth user. Stealing and shooting up meth on her lunch hour. She's rude and how can anyone employ... read more

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