fast track

384 n genesee st
utica, ny 13502
(315) 733-6817

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Regular $3.799 absejrysprse 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.939 rosieackon 30+ d ago
Premium $3.119 ohmygasers 30+ d ago
Diesel $4.119 absejrysprse 30+ d ago

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Mar 27 2013 10:33pm
The lady working Thursday morning at 1:29am on herkimer rd. fasttrac told me she could not take my 4 dollars in change unless it was rolled. I proceeded to tell her they do it all the time and she said "you can get the f*&$ out of my store" I am a often customer of south utica west utica and north utica fasttracs. I admit I was offensive. but 4 dollars in change. give me a break
rude employee
May 9 2013 10:47pm
The woman working on the 9th of may at about 11:50 at the Fastrack on herkimer rd was very rude for no reason at all. She has been rude in the past and as a employee working in customer service if she worked for me she would be unemployed. while buying my gatoraid and a few other items I was deciding what kind of pizza I would choose. There were no other customers in the store at the time and she then snapped at me saying hurry up and decide I have things to do. I personally have had other times were this same employee was very rude I do not know her name but I frequently use this gas station. The other employee I believe his name is DJ a very nice young man was also working at the time. DJ is very good at customer service and should be promoted or rewarded. I hope that action will be taken and some type of punishment will be addministered. It is not my place to decide what should be done but like I said before if she worked fo my company she would be fired imediately. If nothing is done I will go to the regional manager or whoever I have to to get this problem resolved.

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Lastest Reviews
Jul 31 2014 1:13pm
Charged me twice... read more

Jul 31 2014 11:36am
There is a lot of "shady" activities, going on in this gas station. Employees have badges with "fake" names,... read more

Jul 31 2014 11:30am
The employees at Lukoil, 4400 City Ave. are all illegal aliens. I overheard them calling African Americans, the "N... read more

Jul 30 2014 3:34pm
This gas station had roaches and bad rodents all over the place. ... read more

Jul 29 2014 9:01pm
Personable service and hometown-type friendliness from this little store. Highly recommended for stops of any kind, whether... read more

Jul 29 2014 2:50pm

On Sunday July 27th, at approximately 7:58 a.m., I walked into the Shell gas station at 2650 Gateway Oaks drive in Sacramento... read more

Jul 29 2014 5:12am
Got bad gas here on July 22 2014. Car immediately started making very strange noises for miles on the interstate. Car is OK now... read more

Jul 29 2014 3:02am
This is the second time i have inboxed about the stealing. I have gotten the attendants Name Willie Montgomery..He uses extreme... read more

Jul 28 2014 5:24am
I bought $40 worth of gas there and charged $200 to my card!... read more

Jul 27 2014 11:33am
I only entered this gas station because my car was running on fumes. I am aware that I was in a crime ridden neighborhood, but... read more

Jul 27 2014 9:04am
Good prices on gas, but the attendants were extremely rude. Just ran in to get a pack of smokes, and 2 out of the 3 ladies... read more

Jul 26 2014 6:54pm
Are you looking for someone to work at your station and how much
will you pay an hour?? Please let me know.
Frank Perna... read more

Jul 26 2014 10:29am
BEWARE!!!!! Got Gas from 8312 E 23rd KCMO location on July 9, 2014 - have so far spent nearly $600 to get the vehicle running... read more

Jul 25 2014 10:08pm
The man who runs the story is outstanding and polite sounds great jazz at regular prices couple cents under everyone else... read more

Jul 25 2014 9:29am
Got gas from Murphy's in Greenville, Texas four days ago and now my vehicle that has always ran perfect will not even start.... read more

Jul 25 2014 9:27am
Got gas from Murphy's in Greenville, Texas four days ago and now my vehicle that has always ran perfect will not even start.... read more

Jul 25 2014 7:20am
I misplaced my keys one day getting a drink and snacks with a couple of buddies. Not realizing I left my keys on the counter, I... read more

Jul 24 2014 8:24pm
Oops. They changed their diesel pump valve handle to a gas handle. Doesnt work in new German cars including ALL the VWs. Oops. ... read more

Jul 24 2014 6:12pm
auto shop=dishonest
... read more

Jul 22 2014 6:48pm
Amazing this public gas station and food mart with out restrooms service and handicap parking , my Litlle dauther want to go to... read more

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