ez stop #41

1040 concord st s
south saint paul, mn 55075
(651) 455-8675

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Regular $3.399 fluch 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.209 jafmoonimb 30+ d ago
Premium $3.429 fluch 30+ d ago
Diesel $3.799 amdiodia 30+ d ago

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Mar 16 2011 9:12am
The guy running the place was incredibly rude and the whole place was dirty. I would highly recommend you drive a mile down the road and avoid the trash that runs this place.
Steven Johnston
Poor service
Nov 12 2013 6:07am
This morning it took literally 15 minutes to put 14.6 gallons of gas in my car. I went inside just to let them know that there may be something wrong with the pump, and the guy behind the counter said very rudely "Nothing wrong with pump! That%u2019s what happens when it gets cold!!%u201D I said okay, just wanted to let you know. He then proceeds to say "What do you want me to do about it!!!" Okay, so this is Minnesota and 15 degrees is not that cold, and second I was just trying to be nice and give them a heads up. I would have hated to have a truck with a 30 gallon gas tank.
It's obvious that there is something wrong, and they just chose not to do anything about it. I have gotten gas at other gas stations when it was 25 below with no problem. It makes me wonder what else is wrong there. Is the food there safe to eat, are the gas pumps calibrated correctly so you are truly getting what you pay for, is that gas even of good quality? I would say for your safety and for the wellbeing of your car, do not stop at the EZ Stop. There are plenty of other gas stations in the area, so do yourself and your car a favor and just move on, unless of course you have an extra 15-30 minutes of time on your way to work and you love spending that time staring at a gas pump.

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Lastest Reviews
Mar 25 2015 4:45pm
This store do not deserve any stars they can't speak English good and do not tell customer about what they have done if u... read more

Mar 24 2015 2:23pm
Our car ran out of gas and we were worried about how we were going to make it back to Findlay, OH (1.25 hours from this gas... read more

Mar 24 2015 7:12am
do you carry white kerosene ? thanks... read more

Mar 24 2015 6:04am
Horrible. I bought a $1.00 off pack of cigarettes, yet got charged full amount!!!! When asked, clerk shrugged his shoulders!!!... read more

Mar 23 2015 6:18pm
I thought the staff was very friendly and professional.... read more

Mar 23 2015 3:43pm
A NIGHTMARE OF A GAS STATION!!!! Service man very mean!!!!... read more

Mar 23 2015 3:37pm
This is the worst gas station I've have ever been too. The line was onto a busy road and my car almost got hit. When I pull... read more

Mar 23 2015 3:17pm
I went here to get gas and the gas attendant was EXTRENELY RUDE AND NASTY!!!!!! This place is diffidently NOT WORTH THE WAIT AND... read more

Mar 23 2015 7:33am
On Monday i went to lockport speedway to get gas and a coffee heading out for work. I paid inside like i always do. Got to work... read more

Mar 23 2015 6:23am
very clean and great service... read more

Mar 22 2015 4:15pm

Mar 22 2015 9:30am
This is no longer a Chevron Station. It is Phillips 66... read more

Mar 22 2015 6:51am
When we pulled up @ 10:30a the store clerk was holding the front door open, smoking a cigarette with maybe her daughter talking,... read more

Mar 19 2015 11:35pm
I recently visited this Exxon and the young Arab man or middle eastern man who works night shift yelled obscenities at me. I am... read more

Mar 19 2015 8:36am
I previously worked at this hess express as you know and I went to get gas like I do every day then the older gas attendents Mike... read more

Mar 18 2015 10:50am
Horrible experience. I went there last Thursday and bought premium fuel and that day it started acting up next morning... read more

Mar 16 2015 11:09am
Don't go to this gas station. They are thieves. One of the employees stole my $200 cell phone. They are known for stealing... read more

Mar 15 2015 10:15am
today I walked in the store and the cashier Ronel was awesome he had a great tone of voice, I asked him where is the milk and he... read more

Mar 14 2015 3:01am
Got my car done better than I expected. and for less money than I expected... and on time! Cool dudes!... read more

Mar 12 2015 3:26pm
I was recently into the Olive Hill Marathon store and was appalled. The manager there lacks the skills to be in her position. ... read more

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