5302 washington ave
racine, wi 53406
(262) 634-9518

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Regular $3.259 jyxsbqb 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.389 jyxsbqb 30+ d ago
Premium $3.239 aviolaserv 30+ d ago
Diesel N/A 30+ d ago

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Dec 24 2013 12:36pm
I just purchased windshield wiper fluid gave the cashier a $10.00 was given $2 and some change back. When I said I gave you a ten he proceeded to scream hand me the five and come out from behind the counter like he was going to attack or hit me. Horrible customer service for his mistake. Taller black male working Christmas eve around 130 in the afternoon. PISS POOR SERVICE I WILL TELL EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY!!

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Lastest Reviews
Aug 21 2014 2:59am
Looking for the cheapest gas prices.
... read more

Aug 21 2014 12:50am
Was on Aug 1-2014 around 5;30am went in for juice and candy, gas. Craig, he said later was his name. Strangely said to me, he... read more

Aug 20 2014 8:29pm
i was i your store on highway 57 tonight,to say i am a bit upset is an understatement.i purchased a 12 0z cup of coffee at 9pm... read more

Aug 20 2014 9:18am
Stopped by yesterday morning, Regular grade gas typically 3.20 - 3.24 range for last 2 weeks. Yesterday morning at 6:03am, the... read more

Aug 19 2014 8:07pm
This is the worst gas station in Lamoni!!!!!!!!!!... read more

Aug 19 2014 9:20am
Was trying to apply for a job but num don't work I can be reached at my email or at 2165598127... read more

Aug 19 2014 5:40am
This Shell gas station at 8555 Martin Luther King Lanham, Maryland is a rip-off; they hike the price in gas every time especially... read more

Aug 18 2014 5:53pm
Rude workers ... read more

Aug 18 2014 9:20am
I calledto see if they had a detox there because a few wekeks prior I seen some their so I wanted to no if they still ha then so... read more

Aug 18 2014 7:39am
Good gas decent prices in the store as well as gas.... read more

Aug 17 2014 5:37pm
It really angers me that this gas station consistently charges up to 30 cents more per gallon than most other gas stations.... read more

Aug 17 2014 8:16am
I laugh at people who complain about food servers touching their food. Anything that is on their hands will be transferred to... read more

Aug 17 2014 4:06am
99 cent refills on soft drinks for many years but as of August 16, 2014, Smart Ass clerk guy said they raised the price to $1.31... read more

Aug 16 2014 10:04pm
Everytime i go there. I tell the owner & the cooks that they should have on gloves & hair nets. They regused to put them... read more

Aug 16 2014 2:54am
Nice Hot Stuff Pizza takeout and now also Fried Chicken & sides takeout.
Good prices on store items.
Pleasant staff.
Lots of... read more

Aug 15 2014 9:02pm
This station was torn down several years ago. So, this 3.09 a gallon price was from several years ago when there really was a... read more

Aug 14 2014 8:00pm
I used to buy coffee at morning when I go to work but I am not happy with some employee .they just talk in there own language... read more

Aug 14 2014 3:24am
Wish you were open 24/7... read more

Aug 13 2014 8:36pm
Couldn't find a single employee around and the people I could find were causing a rukus, however I seemed to of won some... read more

Aug 13 2014 5:38pm
I would give this place zero if that was an option. I saw the sign for $1.85 per gallon for mid grade. I look around and the... read more

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