1450 nw 9th st
corvallis, or 97330

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Regular $3.479 grlwanda 30+ d ago
Mid-grade $3.799 judymevgar 30+ d ago
Premium $3.639 judymevgar 30+ d ago
Diesel N/A 30+ d ago

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Leo Clarke
Extremely Poor Service
Apr 2 2013 9:25pm
4/2/2013, at around 6:30pm , and I pull in and pay for a full tank of supreme . I spend close to $70 in gas and ask "can you please clean the front window? " Well the young man says...."No - you can do it yourself... I asked again - which I thought i had mis-understood his comment. So I mentioned that I just spent close to $70 dollars and you cant do my window?. This is with NO other cars in the island. Totally amazed.......will not go there again and will tell others to not go as well.
Feb 12 2014 5:04pm
i will never ever be coming to any of your stores ever again. my boyfriend went to the store on 9 th street in corvallis oregon to buy a lighter and cash in our lotto's. when he went their he didnt know an old friend of his worked their and his name is Tony. tony and my boyfriend dont get along because of their past. so when my boyfriend tried to buy a lighter and get his lottery tickets cash your employee refused to and told my boyfriend to go out back so he could kick his ass. my boyfriend told him no and he has to much good things in his life to waste it on fighting him and left. i called the manager mike the next morning to let him know and mike said that all he would do is talk to his employee and he wont discipline him because he is one of his best workers.he also told me that we should just never come back to this store because his employee does not like my boyfriend. i was angry that you have some unprofessional workers and managers. i made a post of Facebook about my experience at the 76 and let my friends and family know about what type of people you have working at this location. many of them are passing it around and wont be doing business with you as well. if you want to know more about this situation you can go simply look at the cameras at this location, that is if you care. 76 gas station on 9th street in corvallis oregon.

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Lastest Reviews
Jan 18 2017 6:00pm
Don't go here. There are no prices on things. Then I almost got shot by the clerk for taking too long in the store until I... read more

Jan 10 2017 11:11am
It gas station is breaking the law by refusing to let emotional support services dog's in the store... read more

Jan 10 2017 9:24am
The customer service at this location is deplorable. The "store manager" Jessica, is COMPLETELY disrespectful and has... read more

Jan 10 2017 5:08am
I went to the gas station on 01/09/17. went up to the counter to pay for my soda. I had a gift card, which had a 1.81 cents left... read more

Dec 28 2016 7:09pm
Bunch of chapatly ass idiots... read more

Dec 14 2016 2:13pm
Terrible gas don't shop there for any reason ... read more

Dec 14 2016 7:08am
The guy that is employed there is incompetent. I prepaid for gas and when I got to the pump it didn't work. I go inside to... read more

Dec 9 2016 12:08pm
This foreigner performs well when owner is present,otherwise she has a nasty,unprofessional attitude,especially with customers... read more

Dec 3 2016 10:32pm
I was issued an updated sticker for my ID and when I went to get cigarettes not only did they say I had to buy more stuff just... read more

Dec 2 2016 6:25pm
This young lady has a bad, very bad, unfriendly attitude towards customers, she was even nasty to me, but WHY. She does not need... read more

Nov 29 2016 1:45pm
What happened to this place?! It was once known to be helpful and kind. The owner should know and realize he will be loosing... read more

Nov 18 2016 7:35am
REAL BAD EXPERIENCE.This place employs the most unfriendly foreigners there is.. they are a little over proced also but thats... read more

Oct 24 2016 6:17pm
Habitat for Humanity Lincoln County has a RE-store close to you. Please remember Habitat if you remodel or no longer need... read more

Sep 25 2016 5:32pm
In 1968-69 I was traveling East to Chicago. Two gentlemen that worked there took me to play pool next door. Then we went to a... read more

Sep 25 2016 10:24am
Huge thank you to Penny and the people working September 24 and 25, 2016. During our 4-wheeling trip to the hills, we lost $150... read more

Sep 23 2016 7:44pm
Cheaters from the start....STAY AWAY... read more

Sep 23 2016 8:56am

Sep 22 2016 8:46am
This place is horrible, the morning clerk is always on something! Up and down, slow and erratic. Dirty and priced high, just like... read more

Aug 31 2016 1:56pm
I stopped at this gas station and patiently waited my turn only to see the attendant totally ignor me and went over to the next... read more

Aug 28 2016 9:11am
During the past month, have attempted to purchase propane at this location two different times, and was told this service was out... read more

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